Kalvin Smith

IDK How 2 Spell Luv

Are you currently in a relationship or asking yourself why you can never keep one?

Either way, IDK How 2 Spell Luv is just what you need to discover your inner self and what you bring to the table. Whether the relationship is a romance or a friendship, this book is for you.

The wisdom and insight provided in these pages, along with the hands on activities, will help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and of your partner or friend. All of us have weaknesses in our relationships that we are often not aware of. This book will provide you with a working road map for all of your relationships.

By addressing topics that should be discussed before committing to a serious relationship, IDK How 2 Spell Luv removes the blame from either gender and helps you take accountability for yourself. This is the perfect, must-have read for everyone of any gender who desires healthy, long lasting relationships.


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