Ghazi Rayan MD


A unique and entertaining collection of biographies of the many first-generation immigrant Americans who made major contributions that were crucial for building America, its military, judicial and financial systems, and sustaining our country’s economy and prosperity. Readers are introduced to over 200 renowned immigrants, of whom more than half are discussed concisely or comprehensively. The biographies span from the earliest First World cultures, to the Paleo Indians, early European settlers of the New World, Revolutionary War heroes, Founding Fathers, Framers of the Constitution, forced immigrants of the slave trade, Civil War gallants and heroines, to famous justices and financers. And yes, also the journey of that most famous lady, the French immigrant who stands tall on Liberty Island. Th e book seamlessly combines biographies, storytelling, and his-tory, and also includes information about immigration laws. The stories showcase the struggles and triumphs of the immigrants, and the historical information demonstrates the circumstances and times they lived in. Th e biographies are inspiring and informative, but most important, the book is a social commentary with a powerful message about the historical importance of immigrants’ achievements and their integration within the fabric of American society. It provides an understanding of their ideas and sacrifices while securing their adopted nation’s independence and founding its infrastructure, and reveals the beneficence of America’s early policy of inclusivity.


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