Benson Johnson

In Spite Of

Benson Johnson’s family saga began two hundred years ago when his 3X-great grandmother and her twin sister came to America in shackles and chains after being kidnaped in the Cameroon, West Africa. Their story has been passed down in the family ever since, along with that of each succeeding generation. This book is filled with the family’s fascinating and vivid history.

Benson then goes on to tell of his own life, from his childhood in Detroit through to today, and how he became a wealthy man. Started with a $2,000 income tax refund over 40 years ago, his business is still going strong. He wanted to write this book to demonstrate that in spite of one’s birth, a person can rise up to become wealthy, just as he did. No matter one’s talents or skills, race or religion, it only requires average intelligence and perseverance to succeed.


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