Sharon E. Stephens

Inside My Head

Everyone deals in different ways with the rollercoaster of grieving. Sharon Stephens once had a beautiful world, and his name was Donnie. He meant more to her than her next breath. When her husband passed away, she started writing. And as she wrote down the story of her journey through grief, it became clear to her that she was writing for more than herself. She was also writing for others who have lost loved ones, to help them along their path to healing.

It doesn’t matter if our loss was sudden or if long-term illness took our loved one. The fact is, they are not here, and we are left behind. We are hurting, and often in disbelief. Sometimes we can’t think straight. We get caught up in own heads, dwelling on everything we’ve lost. We try to push forward but seem to end up right back where we started. That’s normal, and it’s okay. There are steps and seasons to the whole process. We have to be kind to ourselves and know that we are not alone in facing this difficult time.

Get counseling. There is always help available for people who are grieving. For anyone who has suffered loss. And write. Try writing down your own experiences and feelings. Sharon even talked to Donnie, which always put her mind at ease. Get a picture of your loved one and talk to them. Tell them how you feel inside. And ask for guidance from above. Whatever your beliefs in a higher power, whether you call that power God, the universe, or whatever, ask for strength and guidance.

Don’t just close yourself off and let darkness take over. Your loved one would not want that. They would want you to live in happiness, with joy and love surrounding you. There will be tears for sure. Let them out. Then take a deep breath and be thankful for life. Keep moving forward, no matter how small the step. Forward is still forward. With the help of your faith, family, and friends, you will be all right.

This is the emotional and inspiring story of one woman’s journey through loss, grief, and healing, her day-to-day process of dealing with the loss of her husband. By offering up her story, she hopes anyone reading it who is struggling to cope with loss feels less alone and more hopeful.


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