Mark & Wendy Murnan

Investigator Procedures Manual

Imagine if you could hire a new investigator and hand her a manual with step-by-step instructions for your most basic assignments! How much time could be saved in training without answering endless questions in person, by email, text or phone? With the INVESTIGATOR PROCEDURES MANUAL, you can provide your new hire with instructions for conducting client interviews, locating a witness, developing a time line, or preparing a report. These are just some of the features offered in the INVESTIGATOR PROCEDURES MANUAL.

You can use these procedures as written, or you could use them as a template to develop your own procedures. Having a manual will ensure that your investigators produce a consistent work product every time!

Also included:
– Formatted statement outline for vehicle crash cases and slip-and-falls!
– Detailed procedures for documenting crash scenes and damaged vehicles!

Don’t waste time “reinventing the wheel” with every case and with every investigator. Let the INVESTIGATOR PROCEDURES MANUAL shorten the learning curve and increase your new hire’s productivity, as well as your agency’s profits! “I found the manuals to be something that would be especially helpful to the investigator who is standing on the edge of that leap to expanding beyond the sole practitioner or ‘mom & pop’ agency.” Brandon Perron, CCDI, author of Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method and Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery

“These are GOLD!” Dorothy Grutzner, Licensed Private Investigator


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