Randy R Domer

It Seems Like Only Yesterday

Local author and historian Randy Domer offers another look back at Oshkosh’s historic past. It Seems Like Only Yesterday will lead you on a journey in and around Oshkosh with incredible stories. Re-live the horrible events that claimed lives and destroyed Oshkosh’s Beckwith House and the aftermath that ensued. Learn about the son of a locally famous candy maker who earned fame as an escape artist. Witness the tragedy of a terrible train wreck and the heartbreak as children of a pioneer family in Eureka dealt with the unexpected loss of both parents. Travel back in time to visit Nordheim, learn about Dummy Hoy’s incredible journey through Oshkosh to the major leagues, and listen to the Englund siblings talk about their famous father, Gene Englund.

Join us now as we take another journey back in time with It Seems Like Only Yesterday.


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