Reverend Jaymes Browne

It’s Not Luck, it’s a God Thing

My Brother’s and Sister’s

I did not write this book to entertain you,

· I did write this book so that we can have an encounter with the eternal.
· I have written this book to confront you with the word of God.
· I’ve written this book to challenge your thinking.
· I’ve written this book to penetrate your emotions and to walk up and down the avenues of your being.
· I’ve have written this book to share in this dimension with reality, a collision so great and so serious that it will injure your pride and wound your ego.

This book will critically break the bones of your wretchedness and put you in heavens hospital where Dr. Jesus will perform surgery, and then send you to the recovery room under the therapeutic presence of the Holy Spirit.

This book chronicles a preacher who had the COVID-19 vaccine shots in New Jersey and moved 3,000 miles away to Las Vegas, Nevada and caught COVID and how God brought him through.


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