John Bendall


In this thrilling tale of greed and revenge, Preston “Press” James has everything a successful investment banker needs: the Ivy League degree, the sharp wardrobe, good looks, and a picture-perfect wife, Claire. His partner, Whitford Horsley, is jealous over what he sees as Press’s unfair advantages, and his ego drives him to demolish the only two things Press cares about: his marriage, and his spotless reputation. Whit manufactures an affair, reveals it to Claire, and ultimately starts an affair with her, the woman he’s always wanted. He also informs the district attorney that Press built an algorithm that will steal millions from their clients, but it was really Whit who launched it in Press’s name.

Sent to prison for six years, Press has plenty of time to plan his revenge, and enlists his new prison friends to help him. Meanwhile, he’s been buying lottery tickets through a guard…and he wins a huge lottery. But he must claim it within one year. Now he has to figure out how he can get out to claim his winnings. In an elaborate scheme that leverages his OCD to the max, Press plans his daring escape…and sets his revenge in motion.

Fans of James Gripponado and Sheldon Seigel will love this page-turning thriller.


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