Vince P Hennessy

John Leach: The Immortalizer

After spending his life of immortality in solitude, suffering depression and suicidal thoughts, John Leach’s life is suddenly bursting with one problem after another. His somber day of mourning ruined by gangsters at a graveyard, John ends up taking in an emotionally abused girl who needs help. As the two learn about each other’s lives, and John shares his decades of suffering and horrible experiences, an unusual encounter draws nearer. Small details and abnormal occurrences add up as John begins to realize that he may not be the only unique individual to exist, despite having encountered no one like him for over a century. Having spent his entire life searching for a way to get rid of his immortality, John is shocked to learn about a man named Kronos who can manipulate atoms, and he will do everything in his power to find the insane scientist who was looking to find him.


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