Mike Simonelli

Justified Deadly Force and the Myth of Systemic Racism

The United States is a nation imperfectly founded but one in which all citizens now enjoy equal freedoms and justice under the law. Unfortunately, some of America’s greatest freedoms-speech, press, and protest-are being manipulated into becoming its Achilles heel. The past sin of slavery is invoked as the media, activists, and politicians racialize police incidents, attack law enforcement and divide the nation in a way no foreign power ever could. This book proves through scientific evidence that news and social media narratives about deadly police shootings being systemically racist, are systemically false. Far from superficial descriptions of the subject’s age, race, and city the shooting occurred in, critical facts regarding the subject’s actions and officer’s reactions are key to understanding why deadly force was justifiably used. After exposing the media’s bias of several high-profile incidents, 90 officer-involved shootings of unarmed subjects and 108 line of duty officer murders are analyzed according to more than a dozen relevant criteria. Read about the details of these incidents and decide for yourself whether the officers pulled the trigger because of the color of someone’s skin, as is often alleged; the subject’s violent actions, as is often the case; or a tragic mistake made under intense circumstances, as sometimes happens. Learn how officers who did not use deadly force in very similar situations were tragically murdered. Their last moments prove why officers are justifiably alarmed when people refuse lawful commands to show their hands. When people comply, everyone stays alive!


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