Tiffany Polk

Kace and the Magic Baseball Mitt

In this highly inspirational and delightfully illustrated book, seven-year-old Kace just wants to be like all the other kids. He loves playing baseball…but no one ever chooses him for their team. Kace is one of the many children growing up with sickle cell anemia. He is so tired of people doubting him and telling him he isn’t tall enough or strong enough or fast enough to play sports. He doesn’t want to let his disease define who he is, he only wants a chance to prove himself…but that is so hard when everyone else is judging him because of it.

Then one day when he is crying tears of frustration into his baseball mitt, something magical happens. His fairy godmother appears and tells him he is a special boy, and that his determination and passion will empower him to do great things in life. He suddenly feels confidence and courage grow inside him, and he knows he can do anything he puts his mind to. At the next baseball game, Kace gathers his courage and uses his trusty mitt to prove everyone wrong, and no one ever doubts him again.


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