Duc Du Clos

Keep Eat Simple

Keep Eat Simple is not just a cookbook, it is a culinary awakening, which provides step-by-step instructions to create 30 complete meals. Most cookbooks often contain single recipes, which is only a part of the meal, leaving the remainder of the meal in question. Keep Eat Simple expands one’s cooking repertoire and ultimately leads to culinary comfort, which invites togetherness and renews the joy of living. “C’est la joie de vivre!”

I am not Julia Child, but I am Julia’s child. My mother, Julia, has been a private chef in Paris, France for over forty years. While her culinary expertise has been developed mainly on the tables of dignitaries, including Counts and Head of States, her love to nurture her family and friends has been enhanced by her devotion to introduce succulent creations to our home. She has fostered this legacy with grace, kindness, and love within our lives.

For over thirty years, I have been the carrier of her torch and could not find any greater honor than offering the same generosity to anyone in my own existence, may it be family, friends or guests. In our culture, our appreciation for others is displayed through our devotion to nurturing. With my mother’s guidance and blessing, I am sharing some of our family’s long and well-guarded secrets, with the zest of Caribbean flair, offering an expansion of our world… a blend of multi-cultural influences, which will satisfy the most distinguished and discriminating palettes.

Simply gaze at the pages and you can taste the delectable flavors unique to this type of cooking. Enjoy this culinary experience.

C’est magnifique!

Duc du Clos


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