Dezmon Robertson

Level Field

Are you looking to improve your financial health? This highly motivational and information-packed book was designed for you! It creates a level playing field where the knowledge of how to be financially successful is presented in a way to benefit anyone of any background, regardless of income level. You will learn how to break free of consumer debt, set a strong foundation of financial confidence through adequate protection, build your personal wealth of assets, and plan your legacy for future generations. Your journey to financial freedom begins with step-by-step and detailed instructions for how to set strong financial goals. You are then walked through how to gain debt freedom, budgeting practices, designing a spending plan, and building a net worth tracker. You will learn exactly how to save money by breaking down common places to look for savings, as well as tricks to maximize the power of your dollars. By the end of the book, you will know where your money is going, how to redirect it to meet your specific goals, how to set your insurance properly for the necessary protection, how to get started buying assets to build your net worth, and how to ensure you leave behind a legacy for your children or heirs. This book is the total package of everything you will need to ensure a healthy financial position. It takes you from being an average American financial statistic to someone who is in total control of their money.


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