Mike Nixon

Life Travel and the People in Between

In 2006, Mike Nixon worked as a hotel receptionist. Having thousands of encounters with guests from all over the world, he dreamed of living a life as exciting as those hotel guests. But dreaming is a lot easier than making that fantasy a reality. He struggled to bring his plans to life…until he met a friend who set his life on a different course. This book is about Mike’s journey to stay on that path.

In this fun memoir about following one’s passion for adventure, Mike provides an honest and realistic approach to becoming a world traveler and tells fascinating stories about unexpectedly passing through the lives of others. But as much as the memoir discusses travel, it also explores the idea of living a meaningful life. Mike’s memoir is heartwarming, hilarious, and, at times, a severe reminder of what it means to be human. It’s an enthralling rollercoaster ride that keeps readers entertained until the last page.


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