W. Bruce Ingram

Lisieux’s Poet Laureate

The evolution of Saint Thérèse’s spirituality can be traced through the two volumes of her published General Correspondence. Each chapter is devoted to a particular correspondent, and explores the nature and scope of the rapport Thérèse established with this individual. To achieve his objective, W. Bruce Ingram employs the avant-garde medium of found poetry (see the Introduction to this book for an explanation of this literary sub-genre), which has never before been applied to the vast output of Theresian scholarship. It is his hope that this collection of fifty-one found poems-abridged facets of affectionate exchanges that encapsulate the essence of the correspondence-will act as a gateway, a catalyst, prompting a more in-depth study of and prayerful reflection on the doctrine of Saint Thérèse’s “Little Way of Spiritual Childhood.” Lisieux’s Poet Laureate offers anyone interested in spiritual enrichment or in the study of saints, as well as devotees of Saint Thérèse, a thoughtful and inspiring read.


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