Amy MacNeill

Little Lily’s Big Adventure

Little Lily the lamb is not quite the same as the others. She has especially short legs and a teeny – tiny head. One morning, all her friends want to climb the highest hill to reach the delicious green grass at the top. They know she is different and tell her that she won’t be able to climb that high. But Little Lily has big confidence, and she’s determined to prove them wrong. She bravely faces treacherous weather, discouraging words, and the tallest, steepest, hill, and because she is so small, she is able to follow a very narrow path the others can’t climb.

Little Lily’s Big Adventure holds strong themes of positive thinking and self-image, self-confidence, and determination. Never give up, because the one thing everyone tells you will stop you, might be the very thing that will help you succeed.

A perfect story for parents, teachers, and caregivers to start discussions with kids about being different.


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