Batch Helen Baby (Spun By), Donna Cummings (Put To Paper By)

Little Patashka and the Storm

Passed down through the Babij family in the oral tradition, this beautifully illustrated children’s story is the delightful tale of a family of colorful songbirds living in a dense forest in the Ukraine. Mama and Papa bird are diligent and loving parents. Their nest is always warm and secure, and they love sharing goodnight kisses and snuggling with their baby bird, Little Patashka. They carefully teach her about life in the forest, and she watches the other animals, dreaming of the day she can fly.

One day when her parents are off gathering food, suddenly huge raindrops plop on Little Patashka’s head and the wind begins to howl. With a crack of lightning and a rumble of thunder, the violent storm catches Mama and Papa Bird off guard. They cannot fly home against its tremendous force! Will they be able to get home to their baby in time to save her and the nest?

A wonderful bedtime story about the love of a family and appreciation for nature, perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers to share with children ages 3-8. A gift from the author’s family to yours.


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