Amanda Bryk

Locked Away

Set in a prison, this contemporary romance considers the risks and rewards of searching for love and illustrates how love often surprises those who least expect it.

Heather Belk is a twenty-eight year old corrections officer who considers swearing off dating after years of questionable choices and a string of failed relationships. For too long, Heather has been mistreated and disrespected by men, leaving her feeling unworthy of love. But before she can completely abandon the notion of romantic bliss, she unexpectedly finds herself in what appears to be a new relationship. However, when a fight at work jeopardizes her safety, an inmate steps in to become her unlikely hero. Now she must choose between a new relationship with a flirtatious co-worker and the man who saved her life. Incarcerated for a DUI, Croy saves Heather in more ways than one, and offers her the validation and respect she has been searching for.

A heartfelt, realistic romance novel, Locked Away encourages readers to stay true to themselves and never lose hope. Relatable characters and questionable futures will leave readers eager to get their hands on the second book.


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