McCloud, Katrina

Lost Valkyrie

In a world such as Synkrie that is filled with de-ception, betrayal, lust and ambition life can be hard for a teenage fairy. For Kimberly Lismbil life is impossible, Kimberly is a 106 year old teenage fairy that is soon to become a full-fledge member of Synkrie. Which includes inheriting her ancestral magic. Magic comes at a cost it can be good or bad but in Synkrie it can be dangerous. Many species kill fairies for their powers and sometimes they will use possession to control the fairies. For Kimberly her hope is this magic will help her find her sister Amber (that has been missing for days) and make Synkrie a safer universe for all species.

Little does Kimberly know the universe has other plans for her. Through adventure, intrigue, drama, romance and metamorphosis Kimberly’s life will either change for the better or it will cause the destruction of a species.


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