Tela Thomas

Love and Destruction

Thrilling romance of three couples who embark upon a journey they could never imagine.

Kevin and Sidney’s love for one another could never imagine they would be dealing with a conniving ex-wife that would do anything to get her husband back. Will their relationship withstand the test of a fatal attraction?

As high school classmates, little did Tim and Andreya know they would meet hookup at a conference out of town and enjoy each other company. Hidden secrets rear their ugly heads and devastation and conflict emerge and find one of them hurt and in the hospital. Will someone confess their ugly secret, or take it to the grave.

No one would have ever suspected Dannie as being a crackhead. Always holding her own and on the outside look like she has all her shit together as a successful business owner. Hiding this secret from her ex-husband and her best friends, things start to crumble with infidelity and drug usage, she has to make a life-changing decision.


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