Sweetman, Robert J.

Loyal, True, and Brave: A Novel of the Civil War

In the summer of 1863, the fate of the Union hangs in the balance. Union army failures in the East have moved the Confederacy ever so close to their goal of independence. For the Union Army of the Potomac, the stakes are enormous – one more defeat and the war could be lost.

This story follows four Union soldiers during the period from the disastrous loss at Chancellorsville to the culmination at the battle of Gettysburg – the largest land battle ever fought on American soil. As the Union Army chases Lee north towards Pennsylvania, these four individuals must try to absorb the lessons of Chancellorsville while preparing for the next make-or-break battle.

George Meade has the unwanted Army command suddenly thrust upon him and must overcome his self-doubt to lead his disorganized Army into a must-win fight.

Winfield Scott Hancock, the superb warrior-leader, faces the demands of increased responsibility and eventually the realization of the enormous sacrifices he will be required to make.

Henry Taylor, an Infantry Sergeant with the First Minnesota, must prepare his men for the next battle while struggling with his own loss of faith and fears that their luck will run out in the coming fight.

All the while, the intensely ambitious political General Daniel Sickles searches for any opportunity, real or contrived, to promote his own career. As the battle unfolds, each individual must prove that they can be counted among “The Loyal, True, and Brave”.


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