Marvin L Barnes

Lyrically Inclined

Life is the experience and when it comes to expressing that experience it can come in many forms.

For the author of this book it came in the form of poetry. Strong rhythmical verses depicting images of love, lust, pain, sorrow, and other various emotions we as humans all experience one time or another in our lives. These are the factors that makes this compilation of poetry relatable to the average reader regardless of demographic. The stories that end each chapter gives a touch of imagination and creativity that adds more than mere rhymes and metaphors but a more creative direction. A perfect balance of joy and pain in 90 poetic pieces.

If you know what it’s like to have it all, lose it all. If you know how it feels to lose those closest. If you know defeat, but also victory than

you may relate to the tales of Blue and the lessons learned through experience. Poetic expression is like hearing your favorite song in silence that creates an atmosphere of intimacy where it’s only the reader and the word.


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