Earl Lynn

Mama Dee

DeEtta lives much of her life carrying two huge secrets, and praying they will never be revealed. DeEtta was born in a small Mississippi Delta town, the daughter of a poor Mississippi sharecropper. Growing up to womanhood along with her best friend, Julia Ann, they learn to endure the ever-daunting pressures brought on by the systemic Jim Crow laws during the pre-civil rights era, and the violence and injustices they caused. A big part of that was dealing with the White farm owner Mr. Shegogg and his unscrupulous son. Now as an older woman affectionately called Mama Dee, DeEtta returns to her not-so-beloved Southern hometown, accompanying her son, Stefan, and his family when he inherits the house and land where their ancestors worked and lived for generations. But being in that house again, DeEtta is forced to recall and relive her traumatic past. Will her dark, explosive secrets come to light now she is back in the place where it all transpired…? Mama Dee is a story about the strength of family, the love for friends, and the unpredictable paths that life sometimes forces you to take.


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