Brette Simmons

Man in the Gap

Have you ever known a man whose heart beats with such reverent passion that those touched still feel its honorable pulse decades later? Man in the Gap is a biography/memoir, the inspiring story of such a man, Douglas McDowell Bennett, an ordinary boy who accomplished extraordinary things.

Coach Bennett left an indelible mark on the people of Swansea, South Carolina, a small southern town, long racially segregated, when, in 1968, he found himself tasked with implementing the integration of the town’s black and white schools. In that moment, he chose to become a unifying and enduring bridge between the two, overcoming fierce resistance with patience, persistence, dignity, and grace.

In Man in the Gap, the exemplary life of this hall-of-fame coach is shared through heartfelt recollections of former players and coaches who highlight the unique aspects of Coach Bennett’s amiable personality, principled character, and inspirational teaching and coaching philosophies. Many describe him as a Christian role model – teaching them the most important lessons of life – which forever enhanced and enriched their lives.

In thirty-six years of selfless service, in many seen, but often unseen ways, Doug Bennett modeled enduring excellence for a small town, a burgeoning state, and beyond, as he followed the still, small voice.


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