John F. Nash

Mary: Adept, Queen, Mother, Priestess

Mary was the mother of Jesus. But what else do we know about her? How have Christians and others related to her over the centuries? Has she communicated with us, and can we communicate with her? Where is Mary now? Does she continue to play a role in the church, humanity, and the world? This book addresses these and a myriad of other questions. Mary: Adept, Queen, Mother, Priestess is addressed to Christians of all traditions, students of modern esotericism, and anyone who feels drawn to Mary, wants to learn more about her, or wants to serve her. It is Mary’s story, derived from scripture, early Christian writings, traditional doctrine and devotion, Marian apparitions, and esoteric teachings. No longer just the submissive handmaid, Mary is a powerful figure, promoting peace and healing and offering a special ministry to women and children. Mary is a worthy role model for all in the 21st century.


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