Abbie Hayden Huth

Mindful Beyond

Do you ever long for those moments that make you feel so small? Maybe those moments in nature where you feel a little extra peace? When everything feels just right and your heart is at ease? This collection of faith-based poems will take you on a mindful walk through nature, emphasizing there is something much bigger than our hearts can comprehend behind these moments. In these moments, we can be mindful of how God uses His creativity to gently embrace us as His most cherished masterpieces. Out of all the beauty in God’s masterpieces, He calls us His beloved. Mindfulness of these truths – the One who created the flowers and leaves on trees, sunshine and soft breezes, sunsets and sunrises, mountains, lakes, oceans and stars, AND you and me- that mindfulness beyond what our minds can fully capture, brings an overwhelming peace. A peace beyond all understanding. These poems and meditations will challenge you to remember the masterpiece that you are and encourage you to be mindful beyond.


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