Mark Warner

Mizpah in the Morning

The deeper meaning of the word mizpah is to maintain consciousness of your unity with God and to hold singleness of thought and purpose, keeping your attention steadily fixed in His direction. By looking away from the forces of materiality and maintaining the “upward focus,” or the broad vision, you are able to discern the action of God in all situations of life. Invest in God’s word daily and be on a path of growth in your relationship with the Lord.

In this richly spiritual daily devotional, Mark Warner presents a Scripture reading for each day of the year, gathered from every book in the bible from Genesis thru Revelation, and then he passes on what the Lord has put on his heart about that Scripture. There is space after that for you to write your own thoughts, other passages you feel apply, and any questions, concerns, or praises you might have.

Why is this so important? There is a drought of God’s word in the world today. The solution is the living water of Jesus Christ, and learning about the Lord by studying the book written about Him, the Bible. Mark’s hope and prayer is that, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, you will be encouraged to read the Bible on a daily basis.


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