Roy Roberson

Motorbike Builds a Treehouse

This delightfully illustrated children’s chapter book aimed at ages 0-10 follows the adventures of a man known as Motorbike. Motorbike lives by the Golden Rule and demonstrates that every day in the way he loves, treats and talks to people. Motorbike is always looking for ways to help others, using his time, talents, and resources to make their lives better, or easier.

One day Motorbike’s neighbor asks if he would help her children build a treehouse. He says, “You bet!” That Saturday, Cynthia and her two children, Brittany and Jason, excitedly begin the building project. Motorbike supervises carefully and takes extra time to teach the children the skills they need to do a great job, and some valuable life lessons along the way. By the end of the day Brittany and Jason have learned a lot, and they have the very best treehouse anyone could ever imagine.


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