Jerry R. Puckett

Music Led Me To A Heart Like Jesus

This inspirational memoir tells the spiritual story of how country preacher, singer, and songwriter Jerry R. Puckett’s music has influenced his life and brought him closer to God. His upbringing by his grandfather and mother taught him lessons of love and accountability, and started his love of music. Early on, he and his two brothers began singing country music together, and endured struggles as well as successes. Jerry then changed from singing country to gospel, and asked God for a ministry that he could do with his health limitations. The message God gave him was to spread His Word to the world. This resulted in Jerry writing a song called Heart Like Jesus, which was a success and is receiving attention even now, ten years later. He believes God has opened doors and led him toward his success and the hard work that goes with it, and eventually brought him into the ministry.Throughout the book, Jerry gives his thoughts as to how and why God led him to the many things in his life, hoping to inspire others to deepen their relationship with God and understand that none of us is perfect but that has never been God’s purpose. Anyone can accomplish a lot with very little if one gives everything to Him.


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