Craig Ritchie

My Father’s Son

In this dark psychological thriller, eighteen year old Hunter Moore presents an ideal persona to the world-a top student, athlete, handsome, hard-working, cultured, and unfailingly polite. But underneath his carefully crafted image lies a manipulative, immoral individual who has been intentionally molded and developed by and in the image of his psychopathic father, Aaron Moore.

With their dysfunctional but seemingly unshakeable bond, father and son conspire to get what they want and eliminate any obstacles in their path, through whatever means necessary. But, when a plan to remove one of Hunter’s high school rivals takes an unexpected turn, Hunter is left to deal with the fallout and examine not only its impact on him, but on his unique relationship with his father.

As events continue to unfold, Hunter’s unflinching loyalty to and belief in Aaron is severely tested, with Hunter coming face to face with decisions that will impact the rest of his life…and his father’s.


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