Kimberly Oliver

Naked and Unashamed

Stripped of her innocence at the tender age of three, and exposed to sexual abuse from a string of father-figures, Kimberly Oliver has a story to tell-a seedy, fun-loving, shattered, redemptive story. From a childhood blended with the steady love of grandparents, a dysfunctional family life, and hidden abuse, Kimberly emerges into young adulthood at full-speed and spiraling out of control.

Shame has already marked her deeply, though she doesn’t know it yet, and it plunges her into the darkness of drugs, alcohol, and strip clubs to escape it. Finding herself in a state of desperation and taking care of things the best she knows how, Kimberly is unexpectedly introduced to the God of love and acceptance and belonging. He is a real Father, One who protects and shelters and loves with all His might. Discovering that He has known her all along, even when she did not know Him-or herself-the trajectory of her life is shifted.

Naked and Unashamed.
Naked and Unashamed describes the bombshells and devastations that come over and over again as Kimberly endeavors to live her life for God, serving in various ministries, pastoring and co-pastoring churches, and leading youth groups. All the while, shame continues to pile on as religious advisors instruct her: “Don’t ever tell your story.” Her story is not an easy one, but bravely, Kimberly reveals raw secrets and healing as she gracefully sheds her past, Naked and Unashamed.


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