Dani Atkins

No Cape Necessary

We all deserve the opportunity to truly soar to the peak of our potential, but for many, a villainous thought pattern called Victimhood holds us back, tethering us to a lesser life than we want and deserve. Sound familiar? Maybe there was a time in life where that mindset served you, but now it is stifling you from making progress in your life. Are you ready to move forward to rediscover your strength, your bravery, and your inner superpowers? Are you ready to dive into a new level of self-esteem, self-love, and self-empowerment, and to add some self-saving strategies to your emotional toolbelt? Are you ready to become your own hero? This inspiring self-help guide by Dani Atkins will take you on an empowered journey from Victim to Hero. Dani Atkins is a dance coach, certified life coach, and blogger whose enthusiasm for personal growth inspired her to develop “The Eight Week Hero Challenge”, a process of which she shares in No Cape Necessary that helped her overcome her own victim mentality. After finding remarkable personal success through the creation and practice of the challenge, she has used this method and the themes within to inspire, excite, and encourage her clients, friends, and family. She is honored to now share it with you.


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