Ronald J. Ross

No Greater Pain

The pain of losing a child is only compounded by the crushing weight of knowing you have to live the rest of your life without them. In author Ronald Ross’ debut, No Greater Pain, he speaks to parents everywhere who have suffered the devastating grief of losing a child.

In Part One of his book, Ron takes readers on his journey through Grief in the first year after losing his child. He discusses:

  • His honest emotions, thoughts, opinions, and experiences.
  • How the grief compounds and subsides as days, weeks, and months persist.
  • The harsh and visceral reality of the physical toll and deep trauma of losing a child affects a parent.

In Part Two, readers get to experience Ron’s reflections about Grief, mourning, and life in general:

  • He discusses how efforts to get well have a nonlinear trajectory; you will have expectations, disappointments, and setbacks.
  • He introduced how to be okay with the “new normal” of living life without your child.
  • He expresses the 14 most important things he’s learned after losing his child.

Ron writes this book for bereaved (and non-bereaved) parents to understand the trauma of losing a loved one. This book expertly acts as a guiding light to help other bereaved parents understand their emotions right after the loss and sets forth a healthy direction for healing.

No Greater Pain is an excellent pick for those who have unexpectedly lost an immediate family member; be it a child, grandchild, sibling, cousin, or parent.


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