RoseMarie MacNeil

No Lipstick for Me

This is the story of a little girl lost in a very troubled world. Sent away by her mother, abandoned by a loveless father, and landing in a troubled marriage, RoseMarie MacNeil faced brutality and abuse. She tried so hard to make her world seem okay, always pretending things would get better, but growing up, they never did. Not until she made her own path to escape. While raising her four children, she strove fearlessly against the odds to become an independent young woman.

Women today need to be cautious. Never put yourself in a situation where you lose control of yourself and have to depend on any man or woman. The only person you can depend on is you! Take care of you first. RoseMarie’s story shows that no one has to stay in a toxic marriage or relationship. There is always a way out. She hopes reading about her life experiences will help others realize they don’t have to settle for whoever comes their way. Everyone deserves to be truly loved and treated with respect.


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