John Hudson

No More Heroes

Heroes uplift others by inspiring, offering hope, and reminding about the good in the world (although they occasionally disappoint). This book explores the phenomena that can occur when heroes disappoint in the development of a young person and the impact it can have on their social maturity.

Role models in children’s lives greatly affect their futures, putting a large amount of pressure on those role models to set a good example. Fathers are good examples as role models. If a child lacks a positive role model for his future, that child will seek a fatherly figure to mentor him or her, whether they have the ability to mentor or not. Children often compare their father or fatherly figures to heroes, most notably Superman. They think of them as being invincible and rock solid in life. Young children usually can’t comprehend the fact that no one is perfect, but if children think their parents are flawless, the children should strive to be as well. Brian Litrel said, “Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars.” Children should be given high goals in life to shoot for, like trying to be Superman, so that they land high in the moral scale of Humanity. If children don’t get high moral standards right from the beginning, it is very hard for them to attain a high level of morality later in life.


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