Ashmore, Thomas

Northern Pike Story: Lake Moraine Phenomenon

Three college boys are heading out for a day of bass and pike fishing on Lake Moraine. Stopping at a diner/store along the way, they run into two older men, Tom and Joe, who tell them they won’t ever catch any northern pike in that lake. The boys think the men are bluffing, so they continue on and go fishing. But sure enough, they catch no pike all day. Discouraged, they return to the store…and that’s when Tom and Joe tell them the story of why there are no more pike in Lake Moraine.

It all started with evolutionary accident. A 400 million to 1 chance ever happening, but when Tom was rushing a construction job on Lake Moraine, where Colgate University has a boathouse, along with a public beach, and lakefront cottages line the shoreline, this ignites a prehistoric genetic gene of developing and hatching Northern Pike eggs, fry, and fingerlings. It wasn’t long before some very mysterious incidents began to happen around the lake. People had scary encounters with northern pike and a couple of people had a more gruesome encounter. Something very frightening was going on with those dangerous pike…Professors of universities needed to study the phenomenon to answer why-how. High level governmental intervention needed to get involve. Then the dam floodgates stopped functioning causing another problem. Along with tropical storm coming up the eastern Atlantic coast. Alarms raised, tension is high…

Learn how Tom and Joe absorb these college boys in the story. How the boys react to the reason and end of the story.


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