Freddie Snell

Not Yet

Almost everyone has had at least one or two close calls. You are about to meet a man who has had more than his share, many causing hospital time and serious recovery, always coming back as good as before or better! The stories are true, entertaining, funny, and sometimes inspiring.

You will get to know this farm boy from rural Tennessee who was dubbed “the youngest old hippie in the world!” at the age of 19! Other claims to fame include (but are not limited to) water skier, horseback rider, island hopper, beach bum, singer/songwriter, scuba instructor, actor, theatre technician, first mate on several sail boats, pirate, etc.and now author, what could possibly go wrong?_

Well, over the course of 66 years, a lot has gone wrong, but a lot has also gone right! Starting with having an older sister throw him out of a moving jeep when he was four (just because he was the favorite!), to breaking his neck by parting company with a galloping horse at 29, to sinking a boat in shark infested Caribbean waters at the age of 42, and to surviving quadruple bypass surgery just before his 66th birthday, then less than 5 months later placing 4th in the USA Water Ski Nationals, this is a tale of getting knocked down a lot and coming back from it all to write this book!

It’s a fun read and you just might find it encouraging! Never a dull or boring minute in this life or in this book! Hold on tight, he’s not done, at least, Not Yet!


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