Marcella Carroll

Notes From the Soul

Notes from the Soul, Volume 1 was inspired by author Marcella Carroll’s need for space, a feeling she had never felt in her 56 years of living. As with most people, Marcella’s life was active and busy, with an equally active and busy mind, causing her to live in perpetual motion. Just as there was no space between her daily activities and responsibilities, there was no space between her thoughts, which were filled with noise, worries, and anxieties.

The soul began to gently nudge her toward the desire for space, and encouraged Marcella to pivot from the life she had always known into unknown territory and an entirely new direction. This set into motion Marcella’s beginning to connect with and tune into the voice of the soul. In these pages, she shares 52 messages-one a week for a year-that she received that helped her transform a life led by fear to a life guided by the soul.


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