Maria Harkin

Nuzzy’s Christmas Adventure

McKale and Nuzzy, his beloved security blanket and best friend, are so excited for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. What a windy day it was! The giant balloons, bobbing and swaying around in the wind, entrance McKale and Nuzzy. Then, at the end of the parade, they see Santa-and he is waving right to them!!

But in all of the excitement, something awful happens. Nuzzy blows away! And even worse, McKale doesn’t notice! Now, Nuzzy embarks on an exciting adventure during which he ends up in many different places and makes several new friends along the way. But what about Nuzzy’s best friend, McKale? How will Nuzzy get back to him?

This tale of the special bond between two friends demonstrates to young children that prayers are often answered in unexpected ways and that love always finds a way.


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