Don Kamphouse

One Is Enough

This book contains some of my favorite memories of working and developing bear dogs. It has been an incredible experience to follow great dogs as they strike, trail, and tree bears, and then hold those bears captive through their barking. For you folks out there who are still following bear hounds, nothing I have tried after my hound-dog days has been quite as exciting as going into the thick brush after a bayed-up bear. There is just nothing like the magic of working with a truly exceptional bear hound, not even close! It brings to mind the story of the Texas Ranger called in to restore order in a lawless town. The mayor expressed skepticism when he realized the ranger had come alone. “Tell me how many mobs you have in this town,” the ranger said. “Just one,” replied the mayor. “Well then,” said the ranger, “with one mob, one ranger is enough.” The same is true with bear dogs. If you have a really good dog, one is enough. In addition, I count myself privileged to have bred, trained and hunted with the kind of dogs where I could say, “one is enough.”


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