Bill Leatherman

Parents Guide To Travel Ball

IF YOU ARE THE PARENTS OF A CHILD PLAYING TRAVEL BASEBALL OR SOFTBALL “PARENTS GUIDE TO TRAVEL BALL,” IS A MUST READ! It offers a candid and sometimes humorous insight into the “Pros & Cons” of youth baseball and softball. “Parents Guide to Travel Ball” will change the way readers perceive travel sports. Sports are known to help build character. Sometimes, in Travel Ball, they reveal it! Youth travel sports offer a glorious time for youngsters, a time of innocence, and a process to fulfilling their dreams. It teaches how to overcome heartbreak and disappointment. Youthful dreams are spurred on by ambition. However, the kid’s games are often ruined by overzealous parents, who are often blinded by their own ignorance. Some adults are determined to make the business of the game just as important as the game itself. For every Little League or Travel Ball parent who shouts obscenities at the umpire or coach, there is the team’s smallest player standing in right field scared silent, and hoping the ball is not hit to him. A little kid can throw and catch a baseball or softball ball long before he or she can properly shoot a basketball or throw a perfect football spiral. Thus, the emergence of the early age of kids desire to play baseball and softball. Parents can obtain a better understanding to as to where their $$$ dollars $$$ go in Travel Ball. Make no mistake, with Travel Ball “you pay, you play!” Share unbelievable and fascinating stories of “crazed” parents, coaches and fans earning their place in Travel Baseball and Softball lore. Coaches can get crazy, too! The game always begins with pitching. When all goes well for the pitcher, everyone enjoys it, except the batter! The pitcher is very likely to be the coach’s son or daughter. A kid’s message to his or her parents might say: “I am just a kid. The umpires are human. My coach is a volunteer. It’s just a game. No athletic scholarships will be handed out today.” Enjoy the game and “Let the kids play!”


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