Amie L. Austin

Philadelphia Darkening

To seek her revenge, she must first survive the betrayal. After enduring a shocking, devastating loss, a spiraling Delphie seeks revenge from the fae council, an act which will surely claim her for the darkness. Fearing the worst, Tessa makes a gut-wrenching choice, but her decision comes with a heavy price. Now cursed and unable to use her powers, Delphie must make her way into the elven realm and survive the hostile environment in her quest to reverse the curse. The journey to the royal castle isn’t easy, and she and her companions are quickly taken hostage by a band of revolutionists. Caught in a web of deception, loyalties are tested as past lovers and friends return, and truths are revealed. Suddenly it is more than just Delphie’s life at stake as a civil war comes to an explosive climax. Can Delphie remain in the light and stop a treacherous plot before it’s too late? The second book in The Philadelphia Trilogy, Philadelphia Darkening delivers an action-packed tale of fantasy and betrayal.


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