Amie L. Austin

Philadelphia Rising

For twenty-eight years, Delphie has unknowingly lived in a shadow, keeping the monsters at bay. Until the day her veil slipped and the frightening truth was revealed. After her ordinary past is shredded right before her, Delphie is rudely thrust into a world where magic is an addiction and some would kill to possess her’s. Grappling with the truth of her new identity as a witch and the daughter of two magic obsessed renegades, she must overcome her insecurities to master her newfound power. When nightmarish beings, much stronger and more wicked than she could ever imagine, begin hunting her down, her family takes action. And under the rigorous training of a rugged warlock and a gun toting faerie, Delphie embarks on a journey of re-self-discovery, where claiming her power as her own is as vital to her continued existence as breathing. The age-old question remains: will she fall victim to the addictive power within and turn dark like her parents, or will she conquer her demons and rise victorious? Philadelphia Rising is book one of the Philadelphia Trilogy- stay tuned for the second book of the trilogy, Philadelphia Darkening!


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