Yan Wang MD, PH D

Poetry Spiritual in Eternal Life

Written by DR. Yan Wang, The Poetry Spiritual in Eternal Life-in My Poetry Collection is sequence book after my Four Literature Prose Books published since 2017 to 2020 in the United States of America. This book as the usual products with the themes at Science, Nature, life, history and future, which reflects my special eyeing to spiritual in eternal life, crossing my affection thinking at science life, belief and spiritual, this as with the eternal nature on the Earth, coded in universal, time, wisdom, and honor.
DR. YAN WANG, a reputed doctor and scientist in Medicine life science, and American literature author in English Language, current American Citizenship in the United States of America, and with important role at the medical organization and national society at Attending Doctor, Professor, Scientific Author, Leadership and Committee. She received her MD and Ph.D in Medicine in China; she has been scholar, postdoctoral and fellow in the United States and the United Kingdom before. Her books’ themes, no matter from literature and knowledge are at valuable to review and encourage the reader to think of spiritual and noble aspects of universal, humankind life and future, which seems brighten ocean from light over Starring Flare.


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