Hannah Johnson

Prayerful Pieces

“With the Spirit at work within her, Hannah Johnson has delivered a devotional unlike any other I have ever read! Each Prayerful Piece is a beautifully written realistic story bursting with powerful imagery that instantly draws the reader in and captivates her thoughts. Its uniqueness provides us with practical stories and self-refl ecting questions that include raw, heart-felt, and frequent in-the-moment prayers to our Lord and friend. Every story includes relevant scripture to draw us closer to Jesus and helps us apply His life-saving Word to ordinary life experiences. This devotional contains short yet deep spiritual insights for the contemporary woman. Whether you’re questioning what it means to live by faith, you’re recently saved, or you’re walking as a more mature believer, these stories will help you realize the profound way the power of God’s word gives us renewed strength and hope through His transforming grace. Let Prayerful Pieces be the Spirit’s gift to you!”- Jill Murphy Member of One Churc


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