Eric Fergerson

Prisoner of the Truth

This page-turning story of murder, betrayal, and abuse revolves around police investigator Rich and his wife Brenda. They appear to be a happily married couple with two young sons, Gerard and Vaughn. One day Brenda appears to unexpectedly commit suicide. After her death Brenda communicates with Vaughn from beyond the grave, ultimately revealing the true circumstances of her passing.

At work in the police investigative unit, Rich has been assigned to the surveillance of a young man named Doug. Doug’s mother originates from Charleston and is Gullah with a spiritual legacy of second sight. Doug’s father, a police sergeant, tries to frame him for a serious crime. Through his spiritual gift Doug, eventually realizes he’s under investigation and that more or less everyone in his life is not who they appear to be.

This story is both triumphant and tragic, but ultimately about justice as retribution, as well as God’s guidance and grace.


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