R.S. Buie


Imagine it’s 2096 and the world is plagued with giant Condor and humanlike creatures. Rebekka Von Schmidt is living 200+ years into the future and needs to return home to exact revenge on the people responsible for her futuristic imprisonment. Born gifted, Rebekka is the daughter of Count Vladimir Von Schmidt, a renowned, yet unscrupulous, scientist and geneticist who dealt in black magic and conducted unethical and unorthodox experiments, including using Rebekka as a lab rat. When Rebekka discovered her father’s deception, she killed him, but not before he could promise her hand in marriage to the son of a ruthless Russian prince with ulterior motives. And it was the betrothal that ultimately led to the unexpected time travel. With the help of her childhood friends who will stop at nothing to protect her, Rebekka must find a way back to confront her distressing past, uncover the truth, and use her supernatural powers to combat the forces of evil wreaking havoc on the world. Imaginative and thrilling, Rebekka offers an interesting perspective on the unintended consequences of human experimentation.


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