Anderson, Katie

Released, Never Free: Living in the Crosshairs of a Narcissist

Released, Never Free is the harrowing true story of my heart-breaking journey through life with a toxic narcissist who would stop at nothing to destroy me. I certainly didn’t have an easy life to begin with, having survived a pretty tumultuous childhood, but that was nothing compared to the storm lying in wait. Being young, na ve, and desperately wanting to escape the woes of my parents’ home, I was the perfect target. Effortlessly, I fell right into his trap, a brief moment in time that would forever seal my fate.

Meet Damon, handsome, charming, loving — malicious, conniving, manipulative, lying, raging malignant narcissist extraordinaire. He was good, so, so good. He said and did all the right things and showed me love like I had never felt before. The perfect family I had always wanted was right there in my grasp…until it wasn’t. The moment we married his mask came off, and that perfect man was no more. It was all a fa ade, a lie, and I was left struggling every single day to survive. My world was spiralling out of control, and with two small children in tow, I finally had to face the cold, harsh reality that my perfect life was going to end in divorce. But if I thought Damon’s torment was behind me, oh, no, that was only the beginning. The ultimate revenge would be his, and I never even saw it coming. I have been released, but as the sorrow persists, I know that I will never, ever be free.


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