T. Willaim


The book is a fiction which begins in a psychiatric hospital where a psychologist, Rick, is having sex with a patient, Cora. Patient’s family hires a lawyer when the patient’s family finds out. The lawyer reluctantly takes on the case. The lawyer, Bill Forrester, hires an associate, Liz Kelly. Does not want to break the rules of the office and have an affair. Ultimately they end up having an affair. Bill Forrester is also a hunter as well as a seasoned lawyer. He goes to Africa for safari and finds romance. The lawsuit against the psychologist and the hospital is accurately portrayed as it would be in a courtroom. Ultimately there is a settlement.

The trial is partially conducted by zoom. It is not being partially conducted by zoom because of a pandemic but is in order to bring witnesses into court. Bill’s affair with the safari hunter from Austria conflicts with his affair with Liz. The client’s name is Cora. She goes downhill after being rejected by the psychologist. Her father commits suicide when it is learned he molested Cora as a child. Cora’s brother also committed incest with Cora. His first name is same as the psychologist, Rick. When his deposition is set he murders the lawyer who set it. He is arrested and pleads guilty.


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