Karla Mahallati

Rings In The Sand

Two years after the death of her husband, Cyrus, Kendal is contacted by his attorney informing her that upon the two year mark of his death, she was to inherit a house on the beach. She had previously declined his fortune, but due to her daughter Reece’s insistence, she accepts the house. The beautiful hundred-year-old home not only comes with a mysterious housekeeper, but also has several hidden passageways. Kendal has had a recurring dream of a chain necklace with three rings, which she connects to the death of her late husband, whom she witnessed go over a cliff in an attempt to save Halina, a woman with whom he had a brief affair. When Kendal goes back to the cliff and finds the necklace, she realizes it was not a dream, but a suppressed memory.

With the help of Detective Scott, Kendal is shocked to discover that Cyrus led a double life. He was involved with deadly Russian FSB spies, including Halina. To make matters worse, Reece accidentally discovers where the Russian agents are still hiding, putting her life in danger. Desperate to save her daughter, Kendal and Scott must unravel the tangled web of lies left behind by Cyrus.

A suspenseful thriller combined with romance, a little laughter, and plenty of unexpected twists.


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